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"You did good enough."

"You don't have to do any better than this."

"You did good enough for someone with dyslexia."

Can you imagine hearing that from your teachers when you tell them that you want to reach higher?

The teachers that are supposed to...

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And support you

Instead tells you that they don't believe in you and your capacity.

That's where this all began.

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Let's go back to spring 2021, when Wilma, our CEO, participated in a hackathon.

The team received the topic SDG 4 and the goal was to find an innovative solution that would contribute to an education for all.

When faced with the challenge,
Wilma started to reflect on the difficulties she had encountered during her school years.

Her thoughts drifted back to a recent conversation with her friend...

She had been told that she shouldn’t try to reach higher in school, because she already did "good enough for someone with dyslexia."

Wilma had empathized with her, and motivated by her frustration, she channeled her energy into creating a positive change...
After winning HackYourWorld and not long after, Young E-business of the Year, we started to gain some media attention, including TV4, SVT, Breakit, GP, Ny Teknik, Expressen, and many more.
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This led to Wilma attending Women in Tech, an amazing event that brings together some of the brightest women in the tech industry, and they invited her to be a speaker. 

A moment filled with inspiration.

To bring her vision to life, she knew she needed the right skills and expertise.

So as the company evolved, the team grew as well.

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We later uncovered that our technology had the potential to improve reading skills in various areas beyond dyslexia. 
From boosting comprehension to enhancing engagement, our solution can revolutionize the way we read.
We went from eye-to-speech for dyslexia to eye-to-speech for reading.
And now we are on the way to the market.

Although we are still at the beginning of our journey, we have already made significant progress. We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support of those who have brought us this far. Your constant inspiration and encouragement drive us to continue working tirelessly towards our goals."

- Wilma Emanuelsson, CEO

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