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Incorporating Sustainability Objectives: iTrack Reading's Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals

We have a holistic view of sustainability,

where every action is considered a part of a greater whole.

iTrack Readings business plans are designed to incorporate sustainability objectives, with a focus on contributing to several of the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs). We believe our efforts have the most direct impact on two specific SDGs:




'Education for all' has been our main inspiration for creating iTrack Reading, and continues to guide our actions today. Our product is designed to provide equal learning opportunities for all students, with a specific focus on reading, to help them reach their full potential as learners and individuals. We are dedicated to equipping students with the necessary tools for success, and we also strive to educate teachers and other school leaders about the power of digital tools in promoting inclusive and secure learning environments. Above all, we believe in creating a learning environment where every student is seen, heard, and responded to.



Inclusivity is a core value that characterizes who we are and what we do. It is a word that is loaded with values and respect, and it speaks volumes about our commitment to sustainability. Inclusivity permeates everything we do within the company and in the creation of our product. Our goal is to make our product accessible to all in terms of usage and to improve the quality of education, work, and social life. We believe that individual development leads to societal growth and that by shaping a world built on equality, we can contribute to a better future for all where we leave no one behind.

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