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Forging an impactful, innovative future.

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What happens now?

At iTrack Reading, we are dedicated to achieving our mission and have developed a solid plan of action to do so. Our team is currently focused on product development and collaborating with experts in relevant fields, including dyslexia, ADHD, and language learning. Once a beta version of the software is complete, we will conduct thorough testing with volunteers and incorporate feedback into the development process.


We're also passionate about challenging negative perceptions around neurodiversity and have partnered with like-minded organizations that share our values and goals. These partnerships will expand our reach and impact, with more details to come soon.


Given our priority of SDG 4- Education for all, our initial release of the software will focus on providing iTrack Reading to schools in Sweden. Soon thereafter, we aim to make it available in libraries throughout the country and for purchase by private individuals to use at home. Once the Swedish launch is complete, we'll focus on releasing the product worldwide, adding more languages to our software and making it available in all countries. Though this won't happen overnight, we're working hard to reach you as soon as possible.


iTrack Focus

In today's digital world, we are constantly bombarded with ads, notifications, and other distractions that can make it difficult to concentrate on reading. iTrack Focus creates a barrier between you and those distractions.

The program will automatically detect which parts of the screen the user is focusing on and darken the rest of the screen, making it less distracting. When you're ready to return to the standard screen, simply look away from where you were focused, and the surrounding items will fade back in.

Unlike iTrack Reading, which requires a high level of gaze accuracy, iTrack Focus can be used with a webcam-based eye tracker. All you need is a laptop or computer with a webcam of decent quality. There are no other requirements, making it easy to use for anyone who wants to improve their digital reading experience.

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