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iTrack Reading, winner of the SKAPA Talent Prize for Young Innovators

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Lee Johannisson & Wilma Emanuelsson, the founders of iTrack Reading

On November 9th, the iTrack Reading team visited Stockholm City Hall to participate in this year's SKAPA Prize award ceremony. The SKAPA Prize is the biggest innovation award in Sweden, aiming to support inventors in further developing their ideas. Established in 1985 in memory of Alfred Nobel, the prize was first awarded in 1986.

The evening concluded on a fantastic note as iTrack Reading had the honor of receiving the first prize in the category "SKAPA Talent for Young Innovators," amounting to SEK 125,000. The jury's motivation was:

Dyslexia, concentration difficulties, and language learning challenges, without support from society, can create significant suffering for those affected. iTrack Reading, the world's first Eye-to-Speech software for reading, can alleviate these difficulties and provide relief for individuals facing these challenges. Using machine learning and sensor-based technology, sound is played synchronously with the person's eye movements. Eye tracking, which monitors where the person is looking in real time and converts it into spoken audio, has three applications: dyslexia, focus, and language learning.

Therefore, the inventor of iTrack Reading is awarded the SKAPA Talent for Young Innovators prize in 2023.

"We are incredibly honored to recieve an award that not only brings us closer towards our mission to transform reading but also acts as evidence for the potential of the technology we are building. This award means more than any other award we have recieved since it directly compliments our innovative efforts. It inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries and redefining what's possible, further fueling our commitment to transform the way people interact with and enjoy reading." Says Wilma Emanuelsson, CEO and founder of iTrack Reading

We express our gratitude to the SKAPA Foundation and Chairperson Minoo Akhtarzand, as well as Stockholm International Fairs and the Swedish Inventors' Association, who support the foundation with contributions from Almi Företagspartner AB, VINNOVA, the Agne Johansson Memorial Fund, and the Swedish Patent and Registration Office.

This impressive collaboration of organizations and partners highlights the extensive commitment to promoting innovation and inventions in Sweden by offering a significant prize and support for creative ideas. We extend our thanks for an incredible evening and your efforts in fostering innovation in Sweden.

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